And Still the Waters Rise is a podcast that amplifies the perspectives of independent thinkers and creative doers with a focus on people and communities from Hawaiʻi and the Pacific. Some episodes are free-flow monologues, while the majority feature conversations with cool people sharing their real life experience and perspectives. From teachers, artists, and cultural practitioners, to musicians, farmers, lawyers, and doctors––topics often include arts and culture, political activism, indigenous education, food security, health and wellness, and cultural identity.


Still The Waters––is a second podcast series offering a growing collection of guided visual meditations and processes that can be used as mid-day respites from a stressful day, as a way to prepare for a good night's sleep or as part of an ongoing wellness practice. There are also guided meditations for releasing rage, trauma and obsolete mindsets. Use the titles and descriptions to decide which is best for you and come back to listen as often as you need.