ASTWR Ep.28: Intellectual Genealogy: When education and culture are one

Dr. Willy Kauai and Naiʻa inside the Waiwai Collective vault

Dr. Willy Kauai and Naiʻa inside the Waiwai Collective vault

As global momentum behind indigenizing education––and developing learning models that break from the industrial-era paradigm––grows, what is the status of Native Hawaiians within higher education? And what are the benefits of supporting multiple knowledge systems to driving wider social change?

This conversation looks at these questions and takes you on a journey that offers interesting stroies from history that are very relevant for today. We ponder whether Liliʻuokalani could be a founder of the University and make a connection to the Heisman Memorial Trophy.

The conversation is driven by the perspectives of  Dr. Willy Kauai, PhD., who has worked within the Native Hawaiian Charter School system as well as the wider Univ. of Hawaiʻi system, and is currently the Director of Native Hawaiian Student Services at the flagship campus at Mānoa. 

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Additional notes and links:

  1. Although only quickly mentioned near the end of the show, Kamaoli Kuwadaʻs essay We Live in the Future. Come Join Us, Is worth the read; you can access it on the Ke Kaʻupu Hehi ʻAle Blog
  2. LINK: Native Hawaiian Student Services Center at the University of Hawaii at Manoa

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