Clarinda Tusitala Braun | Brine Podcast 2.8

My guest for this episode is Calrinda Tusitala Braun. A Fijian and Samoan mother of two, Clarinda has spent the last 10 years consulting hundreds of clients to not only earnsignificant incomes but to maintain their own connection to and positive impact on their communities. Now living in Hawaii, shedesires to make an evengreater impact byintentionally supporting indigenouswomen and women of color. Voices of Mana: The Matriarchal Business is her workshop series that is grounded in indigenous knowledge, and backed by her connection to herancestors. Clarinda seeks to use her journey to help others enbrace being “the modern matriarchs envisioned by our grandmothers, healing and giving mana to generations past, present and future.”Our conversation delves into her journay of healing and what she hopes to contribute to women the world over.


  • Voices of Mana: The Matriarchal Business - Podcast

  • Carrie suffrage leader - Carrie Chapman Catt

  • New York Times article - The Women Behind White Power by By Elizabeth Gillespie McRae

    • Excerpt: But this broader narrative obscures and even gives cover to the ways white women sometimes used white supremacy for their own gain. The suffragist Carrie Chapman Catt in the early 20th century argued for women’s voting rights in Southern states on the basis that “white supremacy will be strengthened, not weakened, by white women’s suffrage.” 

Naiʻa Lewis