Goddess in training

I have invested a great deal of time and spiritual energy working to build a relationship with my inner goddess. Much of the effort has been around understanding and expressing my creativity, emotional intelligence, sexuality, and genealogical legacy––as well as how to do this within a social landscape that remains binary and therefore too limited in answers.

It’s also about so much more than feminism, which still falls short of allowing me to fully express the amazing qualities of my gender and my feminine energy, which includes but is so much grater then gender alone. The procreative force of the universe is feminine and this force is ever present and all powerful in it’s quiet, healing, and nurturing way.

Equal pay, body-sovereignty, and respect are vitally important; we must continue to grow our collective consciousness so that these human needs/rights are provided without question. However, I hope we don’t stop there in our understanding and expression of “equality.”

From where I sit the feminist movement is still too rooted in a reactionary response to the patriarchy. Would feminism really look as it does if it were solely based on what women want, need, and seek to express for themselves and with men? Far too often we are asked to act like little men—toned down versions of masculinity and power based on aggression, achievement and power over... which I can embody as a woman but which are not my source of power.

I offer this poem for all goddesses, and for the feminine vibration in all human beings. Let this force guide us and nurture us through the challenges that lie ahead.

Naiʻa Lewis