From the inside out

If you know. You know. If you don’t... chances are you are looking for it in the wrong place. Another possibility is that you are hoping someone else tells you the answer or sees it in you. I might be wrong but to date my lived experience has shown me there is only one person in your life that needs to fully know and see you.

Guess who that is?

This isn’t to say that others won’t, can’t or don’t see you... but they only see what’s already been revealed. Of course others often see a greatness in us that we were blind to but that is a different situation all together. Others can certainly see talents, traits and potential but the kind of “seeing yourself” that I am outlining is that internal core…

…seeing the seat of your soul so to speak.

So, do I know myself? I know I’m closer than I’ve ever been before; some days I’m closer than others. I think it’s an awareness that is anything but static. I am also open to turning a corner and learning I’ve actually got far more to learn than I thought. If that happens then at least I know I am growing, open and willing to stay engaged in life. 

Naiʻa Lewis