Keola Chan | Brine podcast S2.E3


Brine (E2.E3) is a conversation with community leader and lomilomi healing practitioner, Keola Kawai’ula’iliahi Chan. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, Keola shares his journey to become a lomilomi practitioner, teacher and community leader. A musician at heart, he brings a life-affirming melody into any room, including the classroom where supports the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next. He is a man who seeks to rebuild communities from the inside out. Keola has been involved with many amazing projects but two of the most noteworthy are the founding of Hui Mauli Ola in 2002, and taking on the position ofKa Pounui (director) of theʻAha Kāne Foundation in 2013. The former is an organization addressing the health and wellness of the Native Hawaiian peoplethrough hands-on healing modalities (like lomilomi), and the latter focuses on the advancement of Native Hawaiian men in order to transform the social fabric of Hawaiʻi one person, and one family at a time.

To learn more about Keolaʻs work, see these links:

Founded in Hawaiian traditions and spiritual practices, Hui Mauli Ola is a non-profit organization of multidisciplinary cultural practitioners committed to promoting and improving the health and well being of our communities through empowering and providing access to quality care and educational opportunities.

To nurture a healthier Native Hawaiian male population by eliminating psychosocial, health, and educational disparities through activities founded on traditional cultural practices that build sustainability in the community. 

Naiʻa Lewis