Ilimanator | Brine Podcast S2.E2

My guest is for BRINE S2.E2 is the hard-hitting, Bellator MMA Flyweight Champ, Ilima-Lei McFarlane. We talk about her fight game but also who she is outside of fighting, what she wants to be remembered for, and her commitment to philanthropy, which includes her scholarship for Native girls 12-18 for programs with Intertribal Youth and Native Like Water. She is a super cool mana wahine; a powerful female force. She is also down to earth, funny, and has a true fighter's spirit. But not just in the ring. She is a fighter for community culture and the next generation. She has a scholarship with Intertribal Youth and Native Like Water for Indigenous girls 12-18 years old. She loves her family, especially her mom and dad, which I gotta say is what makes her fight game unstoppable. She loves hard and fights hard. Go to for more information on how to donate to her scholarship. Photo: Bellator MMA

Naiʻa Lewis