Crazy hair days. They happen often. For me, at least. But these kinds of days are not necessarily bad; an unkempt hairdo doesnʻt have to mean I am out-of-sorts.  As my hair is usually representative of my inner lioness, letting her roar to her fullest capabilities on a regular basis is wise–essential even. 

On this day, I am feeling a bit rambunctious and letting my locks hang and twist wherever they want so I can open new doors of creativity. My hair allows me to reconnect to my youthful belief in play and joy versus my inner entrepreneur's driving narrative of being actively creative in order to "reach my business goals."

Working for myself, and being successful at it, may require grit, hustle, and sacrifice but without the balance brought by a commitment to play, serendipity, and limitless imagination, we can become too serious for our own good. Adulting is essential to ensure we become responsible citizens and pull our own weight in the world but being grown doesn't have to mean losing our childlike fascination with just being an awesome expression of the human form. 

As a social entrepreneur (side note - this kind of label can be a mind-fuck when you take yourself too seriously), I am always thinking about how to inspire others. On this day, however, I am committed to inspiring myself. I remind myself of who I am at my core. 

When I allow my passions to roam free I remember what I do NOT want to become in order to achieve my dreams. The ends do not justify the means if, the result is that my soul has become small. 

Let your hair down and set your heart free!

Naiʻa Lewis