Forget resolutions. Make one commitment. To self. For life. Not self-is but self-centered–centering your center if you will. 

If you can do this one thing, you will be able to make the mental and spiritual space required to pursue and kick ass on whatever you want to do. You will also have the capacity to adapt and change your position and perspectives in life as you need to without delay and backtracking to accommodate the expectations of others. 

Of course, we are all connected; our actions impact others, so you must consider the needs and state of those you are close to before you take action. But there is a HUGE difference between thinking about how to support others in understanding your actions and changing what you want to accomplish in this life so that you don’t displace too much water in their ocean.

With that said, most of our choices in life are interconnected. Any of our decisions is usually predicated on many that came before and will be the foundation for those yet to be made. As such, you must be #honest and #transparent in your every action. You do not have to expose all your inner secrets but putting your wellbeing first actually requires a much higher level of truth and self-awareness, and using them as the primary vehicle through which you engage others.  Self-centered-ness ʻaint for the faint heart. Hereʻs to living 2019 as if it is not a stand-alone year that can be re-set in 2020. Let us all live as if this day impact every other we experience in our lives.

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Naiʻa Lewis