ASTWR Ep.29: Hoʻomana–Life and death dialogues, No.1

Making Hilo-style Lei Laʻi for my dad.

Making Hilo-style Lei Laʻi for my dad.

Hoʻomana is the first show in a series called––Life and death dialogues. The collection of conversations will be at least three shows, consisting of this monologue, a show on death care and a show on holistic birth.

This first installment is a retelling of my own fatherʻs passing earlier this year (2018) and my experience taking care of his body, as well as the series of events that have pulled me into the death care space around cultural perpetuation and environmental stewardship. 


MAHALO... with deep gratitude to:

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  • Hanau Creative LLC for producing the show.
Naiʻa Lewis