ASTWR Ep.27: 50 Shades of Shamanism: Artist as healer, teacher & prophet
Solomon Enos in his Chinatown studio.

Solomon Enos in his Chinatown studio.

Solomon Enos, Native Hawaiian artist––and and pure, stream of consciousness––is my guest for episode 27.

Our conversation underscores his vision and commitment to growing inner peace and outer expressions of aloha and love. We also interweave his philosophy on life, creating an internal alliance with your molecules and observations of the human condition, with the role of art to catalyzing change, the genealogy of money, and whether he can live forever! We also touch upon his amazing graphic novel, POLYFANTASTICA, which spans 40K years and might just be a reality the multi-verse. If you want to know more about him and his amazing art and multi-media creations, just google him and go to his website:

If you want to know more about Solomon and take a peek at his multi-media creations, just google him or go to his website:

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