This day in Kalaupapa (where the picture was taken), and today feel similar. Amazing connection to and experience of aloha beyond my human ability to describe—in parallel—to a clear directive to release all I know and love.

It was a day to redefine self through letting go of what I thought life would be... where it would take me and how I would get there. Building a life, I now realize, is not a singular process that happens chronologically from birth to death. I now see life as a series of concentric circles of interwoven processes (if that makes any sense) that build or manifest (somewhat temporary) spaces of experience. That’s why to truly grow and understand self and remain connected to our loves, we must be willing to leave home over and over again.

And the effort it takes to remain connected to the people we love most is significant—taxing even (in a good and necessary way) to the soul. We are pushed to redefine what we think connection is; we are given opportunities to dismantle everything while also being asked to trust that our process is akin to a butterfly being birthed from a caterpillar versus loss and separation. Connection, to self or others, really is about allowing change and loving new iterations of each other.

Whatever is happening in your life this 2018 holiday season, be it challenging or light and breezy, be the water and flow into the next space... and the next... and the next. Release the need to grade this time as “good” or “bad” and hoping the next phase is “better.” Be open to being open again... and again... and again. ‘Tis the season my lovelies. Live long and prosper. 

Naiʻa Lewis