Creative closure––three Mosaic Murals™ reach completion

I have been working to refine a group art experience using my Mosaic Mural™  in order to improve the way people can be brought together around a common vision, mission or milestone. Over the last few years the most challenging element is the closing; finishing both the 2-dimensional artwork as well as the distribution, which is preceded by scanning and archiving the final work.

However, as I have new opportunities opening up for me in the year ahead, I have known for some time that I must face these challenges and determine the ways in which I will navigate them more successfully. Not only is it critical to complete a project, from a spiritual perspective it is vital that the people who contributed their time and mana are reciprocated. Offering them a means to have a reproduction of the work, as a touchstone of their experience, is important.

I have had three unfinished group Mosaic Murals™ floating around my creative space and with this last full moon I endeavored to complete all three and take them to be scanned. This step will allow me to create reproductions and to share the artwork with the world.

The images below (left to right) are portions of three amazing group Mosaic Murals™ 

  • Surrounded by Ancestors, co-created by 24 youth from First Nations and Hawai'i during a joint cultural exchange sponsored by two amazing organizations: Nā Kama Kai, and Inter Tribal Youth and their Native Like Water initiative.
  • He Mau Ana Ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, co-created by 35 women from indigenous communities around the world during the 2014 World Indigenous Peoples' Conference on Education.
  • Transformation, co-created by 18 amazing Hawaiʻi women as part of an annual Hānau Creative project to empower women to support themselves and each other.
Naiʻa Lewis