A New Perspective

A new perspective is often the outcome of one's commitment to personal transformation. A new perspective brings new understanding, new insight, new inspiration …and if you play your cards right a renewed sense of courage to follow your dreams; to be the unicorn (or any cool magical creature of your choosing). When you hold your ideas up to your fear instead of your faith, the landscape ahead can seem as if it is miles and miles of uncharted and unfriendly territory. Deadly even. You can easily start to doubt yourself and question your ability to succeed. This is the point where you must take a step back, assess the context of the situation, breath, and take another step forward even if you are afraid. What happens most often is that the landscape is NOT AS IT APPEARS. As an example, this picture was taken by me one Sunday morning, lying on my side, with my iPhone just inches away from the sand. As is so often true in life, the journey ahead is more about your emotional and spiritual perception than your intellectual understanding of reality. 

Naiʻa Lewis